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Located on the picturesque west coast of Nevis and overlooking the calming waves of the Caribbean Sea, the Condos of The Hamilton Beach Villas & Spa are the top homes offered on the island by renowned developers Deon & Associates Ltd.

Having operated in Nevis for over fifteen years, the developers of this 10 building(s) , 79 unit(s) , three-story complex have established themselves as the trendsetters of luxury residences not only in Nevis, but also the Eastern Caribbean.

By lavishly draping the The Hamilton Beach Villas & Spa with amenities like flat screen televisions, travertine tiles, granite kitchens and 24-hour security staff, these homes are among the most exclusive and finely crafted residences in the developers' illustrious career.

Much like the 50+ high-end villas of Busch Hill and Fern Hill Estates and 24 condos of Nelson Spring Beach Villas & Spa, Deon & Associates Ltd, uses only the highest-grade, durable materials to provide the perfect mix of disaster resistance and stunning architectural sensibilities.

Over the years, countless buyers have realized that Deon & Associates Ltd provide more than just a second home to their customers; they provide the peace and relaxation inherent to the Caribbean. Whether you want a vacation or retirement home, these villas are a great investment with excellent rental demand and lucrative property appreciation.
Condo Purchases at Hamilton Beach Villas & Spa qualified under Economic Citizenship Programme.
For Management, Rentals & Guest Services
Tel: (869) 469-5320 - Fax: (869) 469-5315 - Mobile: (869) 662-8014
Email: info@thehamiltonnevis.com - Facebook: The Hamilton Beach Villas & Spa
Developer: Deon & Associates Limited, Nelson Spring Complex, Nelson Spring, Nevis, West Indies
Phone: (869) 469-5291 - Fax: (869) 469-5343 - Cell: (869) 662-8011
Email: info@deondaniel.com